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Katariina Sorsa: How to build an international career as an artist or songwriter

Katariina from Music Finland gives us an insight into the ABC of building an international career from the viewpoint of an artist and/or songwriter, how the global music industry works and what the different operators within the industry actually do.








  • Katariina Sorsa
    Katariina Sorsa

    Katariina Sorsa is Export Manager at Music Finland working especially in the pop music sector with song exports and film composers. Katariina’s areas of expertise include songwriting camps, publishing, songwriter export, music synchronization etc.

    Katariina is in charge of Music Finland’s songwriting camps such as SYNC Castle, A-Pop Castle as well as projects like the Future Vision for Finnish songwriters and publishers and the Nordic Music Trade Mission to Los Angeles. Katariina is also coaching artists and songwriters in the framework of international career in pop music. Katariina has developed networks around the music world, mainly in the U.S., Nordics, Germany, South Korea and Japan.

    Music Finland’s clientele comprises the entire Finnish music industry, spanning across all genres and sectors. They help their clients to establish connections, present their music and grow their audiences and businesses in the international market. They also facilitate information about Finnish music and the industry. Music Finland’s services include consultation, networking, funding, capacity building and several tailor-made solutions to boost international success.